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Coming to a psychotherapist is similar to coming to a doctor, a health counsellor or a personal trainer. The difference is that a psychotherapist will treat your mental health and emotions.


At the time being, psychotherapy is not just for serious problems such as depression, behavioural disorder, emotional disorder, multiple personality disorder, delusion, stress, etc. It is also applied for personal development, e.g. career of a person with glossophobia will be hindered if it’s related too public-speaking; game addiction; smoking addiction; desire to lose weight; indifference, losing interest in life; lack of concentration ability or just wish to live happier day by day, etc. These problems seem to be not too serious but the root causes may come from unsolved psychological matters. They can cause obstacles and negatively affect personal development in work, the connection with surrounding relationships, and mental and life quality.


In the first meeting, psychiatrist or psychotherapist will listen to and share with you in order to understand you and the problems you are encountering. They will learn what makes you come to psychotherapy. They also want to know about your personality, family circumstances, childhood and any psychological or emotional events that affect you if any. A psychiatrist or psychotherapist has the ability to listen and share to help you feel comfortable and open to your problems. They have no judgment, or impose their point of view on you. They will listen sympathetically and objectively in order to find a positive solution to your mental health.


Besides, please notice these differences:


• Psychologists: graduate with Doctor of Science degree in the field of psychology to understand thought, emotion and behaviour of human. Psychologists are not allowed to prescribe medications without a medical degree.

• Psychiatrists: graduate with medical doctor degree and study psychiatry for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. Psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe medications.

• Therapist/Coach/Counsellor: is a person with a degree or certificate in training and psychological therapy and rehabilitation. The goal of the therapist is to help the client make decision and understand his or her own emotion to solve thier problem. Therapist/Coach/Counsellor can treat a variety of psychological issues such as depression, emotional/behavioural disorders, marriage counselling, life coaching, and other issues. Therapists/Coaches/Counsellors are not allowed to prescribe medications without a medical degree.


• Hypnotherapists: similar to psychotherapists but they are trained and granted certificate on psychological therapy by hypnosis.




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