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Nguyễn Bá Linh

Chargée de mission Attractivité de la France at Ambassade de France au Vietnam


Christian De Ruty

​Owner, OpenAsia


Dương Vũ Hoàng Anh

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​Đinh Thanh Vân

"My life has changed thanks to hypnosis. It helps me to find my way back to the most pristine of myself – full of love and positive emotion, throw away the hatred, sorrows and pains in my bones. Hypnosis is not an eerie spell but science. Thus, if you want to use hypnosis to make positive impact on your mind, heal the pains, you have to choose a psychotherapist carefully to avoid losing your faith and getting hurt again.

Giang, an excellent psychotherapist, is passionate and works methodically. Being internationally certified and trained by foreign experts, working based on scientific research methods, she gives solid conviction to anyone who wants to try hypnosis for psychotherapy.

In addition to her high professional competence, Giang is a very warm-hearted person. She listened, understood and helped me find out the deepest feeling that determines the state of mind and how to think and live positively. Thank you Giang – the one who taught me how to love myself and live a full life."

Hanoi, August 2017

"I consulted Giang to stop smoking. I was apprehensive but she developed her process very professionnally, in a very reassuring manner that made feel immediately comfortable. One session was enough for me and the result excellent. I would recommend Giang to anybody interested in hypnosis consultation."

Hanoi, October 2018 

"No one knows how devastated I was after the break up in March except my mom, my dearie Kasumi and my excellent therapist Giang Kate.

Look at me now! It's easy to change how you look, but it's so not when it comes to turning the tables from the inside. Let's get to a few things Giang helped me learn lately that definitely change my life forever:

1. I suffer because I crave another reality. Negativity comes from the fact that you don't accept the truth and keep stucking in the misery state you can't change just because you try. Learn to stop feeling territorial about things that not yours, instead acknowledge what you have (work, family, friends..) and focus on nurturing each and every of them. Beautiful things grow from love and care!

2. You can't change people's behavior but you can surely decide how to react. There's no such things as He/She/You makes me do/react in a certain way. It's all your choice to be nice and kind to people. Even the guy who hit your bike from behind. Even the crumpy waitress you met at the restaurant. Even your ex.

3. Nothing's wrong with you. When you start questioning yourself, take a moment to think about what is right with you too. On the bright side, no one can be truer and youer than you. So, live it up!

In my latest interview for Dep magazine, chị Thuy Anh asked me What's your goal? I have been asked that kind of question all the time and my answer is "To stay true and happy" always. I want to be rich in a way that can't be measured by how successful I am in my career but how my cheerful spirit makes me worth knowing to a lot of people."

"Reaching my 30s, I’m so fed up with my own problems that have been following me since childhood. I have learned about therapy methods and psychotherapist as a step on my journey to “save myself”. At first, I was a bit scared when it came to hypnosis. Then I decided to try hypnotherapy with Giang after she explained it to me scientifically.

It was an experience that I had never got before, an emotion I had never touched; I observed clearly my most terrifying fears. On that journey, I found the most peaceful place in my heart.

Giang gave me exercises to do self-therapy at home. Maybe it’s not that one day I wake up transforming from a pessimistic person to a happy one, but the hypnotherapy sessions help me to look into my inner self. I really feel like I’m getting much better."

Hanoi, October 2017


Denise Truong

Coach, Community Builder, Trainer

Hypnotherapy was a part of the whole journey that brought me where I am today. It is the whole journey that is transformative. I think before our sessions, I had thoughts and emotions that were anchored deep inside me,, Giang helped me to lift these anchors, and start to be at peace with themI think it helped me save a few years of psychotherapy money, as it was anchored deep inside me, in my subconscious, rather than my consciousness. Before the therapy, it was hard to detach myself to these uncomfortable thoughts and emotions of suicide, of me not being worth anything, of lovers being persecutors and of victimizing myself. Those mechanisms became my comfort zone, and I consciously didn't see the problem with them, or thought it was too much to change. And Hypnotherapy helped me lose this unhealthy comfort zone full of anxiety that I can liberate and develop myself positively and happily.




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