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You know, your desire to live and natural aspiration towards the goodness bring us here together. I’m glad that you came !

Whether you have been wading through books or anywhere else searching for the answer or you have come here to join me for the first time, I truly hope that you will keep doing that. The desire to live a meaningful life will be the light that guides you along your journey to achieve inner peace. 

It’s not emotion that makes negative impact on our lives. It is how we listen to our emotion and compassionate with them that creates either good or bad influence.

Suffering or pain is the call for our deep-down aspiration that needs to be heard. Psychotherapy will help you profoundly connect with that emotions, listen to it constructively, come up with harmony solutions, find your inner peace and sometimes figure out the meaning of your life.


Share with me what makes you suffer, your indecisions or unwanted emotions. All you need is aspiration for the change, and I believe that you will find a way !

"Why don't give myself a chance ?

I want to live truly alive."

Your sincerely,

​A Pure Day

​Giang Kate



Stressed Man



Anxiety disorder

Sleeping disorder

Girl Working in a Cafe

Personal development


Anger issue


What is psycho-therapy?


What is hypno-therapy?

Soothing Bell

What is Self Healing Hypno- therapy?

 Connect, communicate and embrace yourself profoundly

  • Understand the root reasons of the psychological inner obstacles, struggles and self- conflicts

  • Gain the compassion with others that naturally lead to better communication

Set you free from the personal obstacles to develop at fullest

  • Forgive people who hurt you, or if you are no longer angry but you continue forgiving to set you free from the burden feelings such as: sadness, loneliness, guilt or self-depreciation, etc...

  •  Open-up self with lightening-up energy and motivation to act and achieve your desired values and goals

Find your inner peace

  • Live fully at present

  • Find out your inner peace or meaning of life as you wish for.

  • Gain the compassion with others that naturally lead to better communication

Psycho - therapist

Giang Kate

Giang Kate is the Founder of A Pure Day Therapy and has gained:

- Certified Hypnotherapist granted by National Guild of Hypnosis established in 1951 in Boston, Massachusetts by Dr. Rexford L. North. Website:

- Certificate of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher granted by Banyan Hypnosis Centre (USA). Website:


Working on many cases with clients who suffer from depression, suicidal thought and intention, anxiety disorder, sleeping disorder, lack of positive vibes or motivation in life, changing unhealthy habits, lifestyle such as smoking and other issues which are relevant and affected by psychology.


She is guest speaker to many events, workshops and talkshows such as "Chuyện đêm muộn" aired in VTV3, "Bác sĩ của bạn" (Your doctor) in HTV9 and until now has hosted a wide range of workshops mainly discussed on mental health issues in both Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city



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I consulted Giang to stop smoking. I was apprehensive but she developed her process very professionnally, in a very reassuring manner that made feel immediately comfortable. One session was enough for me and the result excellent. I would recommend Giang to anybody interested in hypnosis consultation.

- Christian De Ruty

​Owner, OpenAsia

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tình yêu hôn nhân gia đình giang kate
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Chữa lành đứa trẻ bên trong
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+84 96 336 0059 ( Assistant )

(iMessage, Facetime, Whatsapp, Viber)

Working hour:

Monday - Friday from 10AM - 6PM


+ Ho Chi Minh City: 448A Nguyễn Tất Thành Street, District 4

+ Hanoi: 23C Tông Đản, Hoàn Kiếm


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